Best Electronic Stethoscopes 2022

Electronic stethoscopes, also called digital stethoscopes, are highly demanded and used extensively by medical professionals in the present-day world. The use of electronic stethoscopes is very high at hospitals and clinics.

These stethoscopes come with great sensitivity to noise and good battery life. It can work for days without any recharge. Perfect sound clarity is offered through which the sound of patients’ body parts can be heard clearly.

A wide range of electronic stethoscopes is available in the market, and in this article, I will tell you about the features and other prospects of the best electronic stethoscopes.

Let’s start with the guide to the best electronic stethoscopes of 2022.

3M Littmann CORE Digital Stethoscope

It wasn’t luck that made the Littmann brand a leading one in the market of electronic stethoscopes.

The Littmann brand holds the trust of medical professionals because of its excellent features.

The electronic stethoscopes marketed by the Littmann brand include 8480 and 8570 models.


  • The acoustic performance of both these models is almost the same. As per the circumstances, the 8480 and 8570 models can switch their auscultation from analog to digital.
  • Facility of recording auscultation is available in this stethoscope model. Recording of about 120 seconds can be shared through the Eko app, which is free to use. The recording feature is flexible to use, and the medical practitioner can share the auscultation recording with the patient and colleagues. Eko app is available on iOS, Android, and Windows devices.
  • Both the models give about 40x amplification, and these models reduces unwanted noise.
  • If these stethoscope models’ battery power runs low, they automatically switch to analog stethoscopes.


  • Both the stethoscope models can switch automatically to analog stethoscopes when the battery power of lithium-ion goes down.
  • A good quality noise reduction technology is present in both 8480 and 8570 models. The system of these electronic stethoscopes reduces unnecessary noises.
  • The facility of recording auscultation of 120 seconds is available in these electronic stethoscopes. These recordings can be shared over an app called Eko. This app is available on all three iOS, Android, and Windows devices.


  • None

Bottom line

So, the bottom line is that both these electronic stethoscope models are convenient for analog and digital needs. A recording system of auscultation is also given, and auscultation of about 120 seconds can be shared with colleagues and clients through the Eko app.

This app is free to use and can be downloaded on all three platforms: iOS, Android, and Windows. Once the battery gets drained, these models switch to analog mode. The battery life is great, though.

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Thinklabs ONE

This electronic stethoscope has changed the traditional image of the stethoscopes. This model does not have any tubes, binaural, or olives. Instead, this is a small circular device. This stethoscope also comes with a pair of earphones, and the jack is 3.5 mm.


  • The diaphragm of this stethoscope is very responsive to pressure and allows listening to low-frequency sounds. To listen to sounds of low frequency, a bit of pressure needs to be applied. The sensitivity can be adjusted through the screen present in it. The control panel is easy to operate.
  • This electronic stethoscope does not have any noise system; hence it could be difficult to use this model in a disturbing background. So, this stethoscope is not good if used in a noisy background.
  • The auscultation can be shared over devices like iOS, Mac, PC, or Android. The feature of wireless connectivity is not available, but in exchange, it includes a Thinklink adapter.


  • A new image of the stethoscopes is provided. The design is more handy and easier to carry. It just has a small circular piece, along with a pair of earphones.
  • The diaphragm of this stethoscope is very responsive to touch and allows to hear sounds of low frequency. The level of sensitivity can be adjusted through the screen present in the device. The control panel is easy and convenient to use.
  • The auscultation recordings can be uploaded on almost all devices like PC, iOS, Android, and others.


  • There is the absence of any system of noise reduction. Hence, this stethoscope is suitable to be used only in a calm environment.
  • There is no system of wireless connectivity. Instead, a Thinklink adapter is provided to connect with devices.

Bottom Line

Overall, it can be stated that this stethoscope will change the traditional image of the stethoscope present in your mind. This is a new model, which has a circular piece and a pair of earphones using Thinklink adapter.

This stethoscope model is very easy to carry and accommodates very little space. The only problem is that this stethoscope does not have any system to reduce the unnecessary noises.

Eko Stethoscope with CORE Attachment

This electronic stethoscope is way too different than other electronic stethoscopes. The Eko stethoscope can work as an acoustic stethoscope, as well as a digital stethoscope. The chest piece needs to be replaced by the core to let the stethoscope interchange from analogic to electronic, or vice versa.


  • This stethoscope comes with a core attachment, and to use this stethoscope as both analog and digital, replace the chest piece with the core, and then the modes of the stethoscope can be interchanged very easily through one button.
  • The amplification provided is 40x, and this device comes with a rechargeable battery that has a life of nine hours.
  • The feature of Bluetooth connectivity is also provided in this electronic stethoscope. Due to this feature, it is very convenient to share the recording of auscultation. Live-stream of auscultation can also be displayed.


  • This stethoscope model is different in many ways from other electronic stethoscopes. This model comes with a Core, which replaces the open bell and helps to interchange acoustic and digital models, as per the choice.
  • A single button is enough to interchange from analogic to electronic, and vice versa.
  • The feature of 40x amplification is available in this stethoscope. A good noise reduction technology is present in this stethoscope.
  • The battery life of the rechargeable battery of this stethoscope is nine hours. This stethoscope can connect to Bluetooth and easily share the recording of auscultation. Live-stream of auscultation can also be displayed for educational purposes.


  • None

Bottom Line

The bottom line is that this stethoscope is unique in many ways. The Core attachment allows to change from acoustic to digital, and vice versa. A button is given to switch from acoustic to digital and digital to acoustic. The battery provided is rechargeable, and once charged, it can work for nine hours.

The recording of auscultation can easily be shared and live-streamed. So, this electronic stethoscope is one of the best, with no loopholes. This stethoscope is very efficient and reliable for medical professionals.

The noise reduction technology is also provided in this stethoscope, and all these qualities make it a good choice for medical practitioners looking for a stethoscope with the newest technology.

Eko Duo Stethoscope

This electronic stethoscope model is loaded with one of the best technology and excellent features. It can work on wireless connectivity, and through the Eko app, auscultation can be heard and visualized through electronic devices like PCs or smartphones. The size is comparatively less. A 60x amplification is available.


  • The battery life of this model is of nine hours, once the battery is fully charged.
  • The stethoscope model claims to have 60x amplification.
  • This device is capable of handling both visualization and hearing of auscultation. The stethoscope can connect wirelessly to PCs or smartphones.
  • Its small size enables one to carry it in a pocket.


  • The stethoscope can work both wireless as well as with wire connectivity. It can be connected to PCs or smartphones through the Eko app.
  • The auscultation sounds can be heard by connecting this stethoscope to electronic devices like computers or smartphones.
  • The model claims to offer 60x amplification. This stethoscope can work wireless, as well as with headphones.
  • The size is very small, and battery life is nine hours.


  • None

Bottom Line

The bottom line is that this stethoscope is highly recommendable for carrying around as it can work with or without wireless connectivity. The recording of auscultation can be heard and visualized by an app called Eko.

This stethoscope can easily connect to PCs or smartphones. It has 60x amplification and a battery life of nine hours when fully charged. This stethoscope model is hassle-free and a good choice for carrying because of its small size. It can fit into a pocket.

Final Words

All the four stethoscope models mentioned above are leading the electronic stethoscope market for the year 2021. Other models were also seen in past years, but they became obsolete, like the Littmann 3000 stethoscope of the famous Littmann brand.

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This is the time of electronic or digital stethoscopes, and the advancements in stethoscope features have compelled many medical professionals to switch from traditional stethoscopes to electronic ones.

The stethoscope models listed above are the best electronic stethoscopes with the highest demand nowadays among professionals.

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