Littmann Cardiology III Review

Stethoscopes are a fundamental instrument for any doctor or physician. It conveys vital information about the patient’s health, so it is needless to say that this is something which cannot afford to have a compromise in terms of their quality.

Littmann has been known to be the best makers of stethoscopes worldwide, and according to them, the Littmann Cardiology III is among their best sellers and a high-quality product.

So let’s get a little deeper to find out the secret that makes this particular stethoscope among the top three list all over the world.

Littmann Cardiology III – Overview

Littmann has always enjoyed a good reputation for producing the best quality stethoscopes. So the years of the brand image also increases the trustworthiness of their products. But the Cardiology III does not need to rely solely on brand image for being a top-notch product.

The whole objective behind creating this product was to offer the maximum performance possible at the most affordable and competitive price range.

Not to mention the reliability of an old and trusted brand, this stethoscope has everything it needs to become the best seller, and so it did.


BrandLittmannModel: Cardiology | Our Score: 9.5/10

The simplicity of this stethoscope makes it an attractive choice for doctors, and also it is the most affordable option in the market. It is not designed for a specific purpose in mind, but it offers the highest level of performance possible, making it dynamic and a preferable option everywhere.

It is widely used for anesthesiology, pulmonology, cardiology, and many more. Do not get confused by the flagship name Cardiology. It does not make the stethoscope exclusive for cardiology purposes.

When you compare the performance with those of similar stethoscopes, you can detect the increased reception and output of minute acoustics by this one. So if you like to be precise and accurate, then this stethoscope is designed for you.

Apart from the better performance than most of the stethoscopes, what seals the deal for this product is that it has been designed to pick up the minute details missed by most of the other devices.

If you are a trained cardiologist using this stethoscope, you will be able to differentiate between the S3 and S4 sounds as well as systolic clicks. The whole Cardiology range from Littmann specializes in capturing details that are lost to most of the other stethoscopes.

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Littmann Cardiology III Pros & Cons


  • This particular model from the Littmann Cardiology series is the only one in the market which offers a dual-sided chest piece and that too at a competitive price range, making it the perfect instrument for both adult patients and kids.
  • Offers a very versatile range of frequency adjustments, and you can control it yourself. A simple bell sleeve is provided to help you adjust the pressure and control the frequency being picked up by the stethoscope for easy use on different patients.
  • It comes with an advanced dual lumen tubing design that serves a two-fold purpose. It reduces the background noise from causing any disturbance, and the unique shape also prevents the tubes from rubbing against each other and causing more noise or damage.
  • The diaphragm provided with the stethoscope has been designed to be manually adjustable by changing the pressure applied to it. So it can be more accurate while picking up both high and low frequencies.
  • The tubes are made of high-quality flexible material that allows you to fold them and put them inside the pockets and helps them regain their shape once you have taken them out from there.
  • It comes equipped with a specially designed headset that fits perfectly and comfortably aligns with the path of your ear canal.
  • The chest piece is made from stainless steel alloy, mainly used for aerospace engineering, so it is durable and lightweight.


  • Despite offering a very competitive price in the present market, some people might feel it is a little overpriced for a stethoscope regardless of the five-year warranty they offer.
  • If you are a doctor or a physician who needs to carry the stethoscope all day long, you might feel a little uncomfortable as it can sometimes get a little heavy.
  • Many consumers have complained that despite the lumen tubing being made of good materials, it becomes scuffed and suffers wear and tear just after a short term of use.
  • The bell sleeve is used frequently, and it is very flimsy, leading it to get damaged often, so you might need to replace it more than you would like to.

Littmann Cardiology III Specs

SpecificationsLittmann Cardiology III
OriginMade in the USA
PatientAdult, Pediatric
Acoustic performance8 out of 10
Exterior FinishSilver, Stainless Steel
Dimensions (LxWxH)37.5 x 17 x 4.4 Centimeters
Weight1 pound
Chestpiece DesignDouble Sided
Colors16 Colors
DiaphragmTwo Tunable Diaphragms
Tube DesignDual Lumen Tubing
ApplicationCardiology/High Performance
Warranty5 Years

Littmann Cardiology III – Features

Check the top features of Littmann Cardiology III and know why it is one of the best stethoscope available in the market right now.

Dual-frequency Tunable Diaphragm

Littmann stethoscopes come equipped with a dual-frequency tunable diaphragm that allows for more accuracy in the sounds picked up by the device. You can easily tune the frequency depending upon the amount of pressure exerted on it.

To put it simply, when you apply gentle pressure on it, you can pick up all the minute frequency tones inside the body.

On the other hand, when you provide firm pressure on it, you can capture high-frequency sounds. So it is very easy to tune the stethoscope for catching the sound you want just by adjusting the pressure on it.

Dynamic Chest Piece

Not just the frequency, the whole design of the chest piece has been made for being dynamic when used with different patients. If you are checking an adult, then the diaphragm and the bell will do it for you, while for children, the smaller diameter side is enough.

Dynamic Chest Piece

This is something not found in other stethoscopes at this price range. Now you can use the same device for both pediatric patients as well as adults.

In-built Non-chill Sleeve

The Cardiology III is made to be versatile and offers accurate performance for different patients. Not to mention the in-built non-chill sleeve to allow for adjusting the diaphragm of the device.

Dual Lumen Tubing

Littmann Dual-lumen tubing

Another great feature of this product is the high-class dual lumen tubing. The mark of a good stethoscope is not just picking up minute frequencies but also reducing the environmental disturbance as much as possible.

The advanced dual lumen tubing does this in this stethoscope, which differs from the traditional shapes used in this device.

The different shape allows for reducing any kind of noise or disturbance while enhancing the performance of the acoustics.

This stethoscope is one of the few models to have this dual lumen tubing feature, making it one of the best stethoscopes in the market.

So with this product, you are getting one of the most exclusive stethoscopes and one with higher accuracy and better performance.

High-quality Materials

The Littmann stethoscopes have always enjoyed a great reputation among their consumers, and that has a good reason behind it. Not only do their products offer better performance, but they are also made from the best raw materials possible.

The same is the case with the Cardiology III stethoscope from Littmann, which is made from high-quality materials for durability and efficiency.

littmann stethoscope materials quality

Starting with simple things, the chest piece of this stethoscope is designed with steel alloy often used in aerospace engineering to offer it strength and keep it lightweight. The main reason a steel alloy is used instead of aluminum, which is lighter, is that it has a better conductivity of sound, making it more accurate.

The tubes are made with equally high-quality materials that provide durability and make them resistant to pressure and folding. Incidentally, all the materials used to construct this stethoscope are meant for aerospace engineering because all these have excellent conductivity for sound and are also highly sturdy and durable.

No toxic plastic components are used and are even resistant to the harmful effects of alcohol or oils, not to mention that they can retain their shape even after being kept folded in a pocket for long hours.

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3M Littmann Learning App

Not only is the stethoscope better, but this product aims to make you better with the help of the 3M Littmann Learning Institute app. It is not meant for practicing veterans but for beginners and novices who are still learning to master their diagnostic skills.

This app offers various learning opportunities to help them learn how to recognize acoustics and different frequencies. The app also offers you sample sounds of different heartbeats to help you recognize better what you hear on the stethoscope.

My Final Words on Cardiology III

To put in simple words, the Littmann Cardiology III stethoscope is highly recommended if you need something priced at a competitive range and offers better performance than most of the other products in the market.

There can be no doubt that this stethoscope is made of very high-quality materials and the design only enhances the efficiency of this product, making it a must-buy for everyone in the medical field.

When you are practicing medicine and diagnosing health problems in patients, you need to be confident, and this stethoscope does the job of providing you with that confidence.

Nonetheless, there are some issues like the wear and tear of the materials, but that is not a serious one as it comes with a five-year warranty.

So if you want a good stethoscope within a tight budget, then look no further, as this is a great one for you.

It is one of the best sellers worldwide, so it wouldn’t be tough to get your hands on them. What are you waiting for? Just grab one of these and start your medical career on a high note.

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