MDF Stethoscopes Review

Various stethoscope brands are available in the market, but most medical professionals are inclined towards the Littmann brand. Although the Littmann brand is very popular among professionals, many medical practitioners are still seeking an alternative to the Littmann brand.

The main reason behind this is the high price of the stethoscopes of the Littmann brand. Some medical professionals are looking for other brands as they want to try new brands available.

The MDF brand has emerged as a great alternative to the famous Littmann brand. Apart from stethoscopes, the MDF brand also manufactures sphygmomanometers, as well as neurological hammers.

The MDF brand is manufacturing these devices since 1971, but they have gain popularity in the past few years.

Why is the popularity of MDF stethoscope increasing?

  1. MDF stethoscopes have surprisingly good acoustics (I am talking mostly about higher priced models).
  2. They are made of durable and long-lasting material plus come with the lifetime replacement guarantee for all part.
  3. Compared to Littmann Classic series stethoscopes, high range MDF stethoscopes offer comparable acoustic performance.
  4. And last but not least, the price. Most MDF stethoscopes fall under the $100 price tag. Only a few models are above $100.

After getting a brief introduction about the MDF brand, let us know about the best stethoscopes from the MDF brand.


This stethoscope model of the MDF brand is the best-seller. This stethoscope is available at Amazon, and it has gained about 6000 good reviews there.

This device does not have the finest acoustic performance, but it has top-notch features at a comparatively lower price.

  • This stethoscope is classic and does not have any tunable membranes like the Littmann stethoscopes. This device has a diaphragm on one side and one open bell on another side. A diaphragm is used to listen or diagnose high frequencies, and an open bell is used to diagnose low frequencies.
  • The chest piece and the binaural are made up of stainless steel, which is resistant to stain and helps to increase the life of the stethoscope. The stethoscope is also provided with three pairs of different-sized ear tips. These ear tips are of different sizes, and one can choose the best-fit ear tips for oneself.
  • It comes with a life-long guarantee, plus the free replacement of parts is also provided. The parts included in this guarantee are tubing, the open bell, diaphragm, ear tips, in short, everything.
  • This stethoscope model is available in about seventeen colors and finishing to choose the color as per their personality. Though, the price can increase a bit with unique colors.


  • It has a lifelong guarantee and free part replacement, which makes it a must-buy.
  • The chest piece is made of stainless steel, which is helpful as it is stain resistant and increases the life expectancy of the stethoscope.
  • It comes in different colors and finishing, so one can choose from about seventeen different colors.
  • It is pocket-friendly and not expensive like the Littmann brand. The services provided by this stethoscope are amazing and true to its price.


  • The acoustic performance is not the best, but it is up to the mark as per the price of this stethoscope. Besides this, there are no other problems with this stethoscope.

So, the bottom line is that this stethoscope has all the necessary things. It comes with a lifelong guarantee, and you can replace a part free of cost whenever it gets damaged or stops functioning. The acoustic performance is not the best, but it is satisfactory at the price of this stethoscope.

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MDF ER Premier Cardiology

This model of stethoscope has been renamed recently. The new name of this model is ProCardial Coreā„¢. The performance of this stethoscope is best in the whole range of stethoscopes of the MDF brand.

This model is better than the MDF MD One model. This stethoscope was launched basically for emergency physicians because of its integrated pressure harmonizing diaphragms, which were present on each side of the stethoscope’s chest piece. This feature is found in most Littmann models, making the stethoscope useful for diagnosing adults and children.

  • The tunable feature of the diaphragm allows the smaller side to be replaced by a bell ring so that an open bell could be made to hear low frequencies.
  • The feature of double lumen tubing is also included, which helps to get a good acoustic performance, and the acoustic performance of this model is best among all the models of the MDF brand. The unwanted and disturbing noise is reduced.
  • The construction of chest piece and binaural is done with stainless steel, and the guarantee of this stethoscope is lifelong, along with the replacement of its parts.
  • This model is available in seven vibrant colors.


  • The diaphragms provided are tunable and can also be replaced to form an open bell for listening to low-frequency sounds.
  • A tubing of dual-lumen is provided, along with the best acoustic performance of the MDF range.
  • Use of stainless steel is done for the making of the chest piece and binaural.


Overall, this is a great stethoscope, with all the features required in an efficient stethoscope. It can be used to diagnose both adults and kids. This model is a good alternative for the stethoscopes of the Littmann range. The acoustic performance and tunable diaphragms make it very useful for medical professionals.

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MDF ProCardial C3

This model is extremely popular, and its demand is very high in the market. It won’t be an exaggeration to say that this model offers one of the best performances. A total of six parts of the chest piece of this stethoscope are interchangeable.

The disposition or arrangement of the chest piece can be made in a total of nine different ways. Hence, these qualities of this stethoscope make it a perfect fit for medical professionals to deal will adults, children, or infants.

  • There are six convertible parts in the chest piece, and nine configurations are possible. This feature of interchangeable parts is convenient for diagnosing adults, children, and infants.
  • Dual-lumen of tubing is included in this stethoscope. The acoustic performance is good, and isolation is also better.
  • The stethoscope is handmade, and stainless steel is used in its construction. All the parts of the stethoscope come with a lifelong guarantee.
  • This stethoscope model is a bit heavy, but a new modified version of this stethoscope model called ProCardial C3 Lightweight Titanium was introduced to solve this problem.


  • It has interchangeable parts, which is very helpful for medical professionals to diagnose patients of all age groups.
  • The tubing is of dual-lumen, and the acoustic performance is also good.
  • It is handmade, and stainless steel is used in its making.


  • It is quite heavy, but its lighter titanium version is also available, though it is quite expensive.

Good quality stainless steel is used in its construction, and this stethoscope is handmade. It is quite heavy, but a lighter version of it, made with titanium, is also available. The model made with titanium is a bit expensive. The acoustic performance is also good. Overall, this is a good stethoscope and a great choice for medical professionals.

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MDF Classic Cardiology

This stethoscope works in two ways, firstly as a good stethoscope and secondly as a classical stethoscope. This model neither has any tunable diaphragms nor convertible parts on the chest piece. This model is a traditional stethoscope, with a diaphragm on one side and an open bell on another side of the stethoscope.

  • It has an open bell and a diaphragm present on the sides of the stethoscope.
  • This device is handmade with stainless steel of good quality.
  • The acoustic performance of this stethoscope is improved.
  • The feature of dual-lumen tubing is also present in this stethoscope. The reduction of disturbing noise is also made in this stethoscope.
  • Likewise, other stethoscopes of the MDF range also guarantee full life, along with the replacement of all the parts.


  • It is handmade, and the open bell is made of stainless steel.
  • The acoustic performance is improved, and unwanted noise is reduced.
  • The best part is the lifelong guarantee.


  • Not suitable for medical professionals who need polyvalence.

The bottom line is that this stethoscope is best for medical practitioners who like traditional stethoscopes. This stethoscope model is ideal for the medical professionals who treat and diagnose adults. The stainless steel used in this stethoscope is of high quality, and the stethoscope comes with a lifelong guarantee of its parts.

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MDF ProCardial ERA Cardiology Lightweight

This is a lightweight stethoscope with an innovative model and dual tubes. There is one problem in this stethoscope. Friction sound is produced when rubber tubes get rubbed against each other.

The noise produced by the friction can disturb the auscultations. To avoid these unwanted noises, two channels are kept, leading to independent channels and avoiding the noise.

  • This stethoscope is highly versatile and constitutes six chest pieces, which can be configurated into nine ways. Through this feature, the physician can diagnose patients of all age groups.
  • Like other models, this too has a chest piece of stainless steel.
  • The acoustic performance is excellent and reduces most of the unwanted noise.
  • As the name says, it is lighter in weight than other stethoscopes of the MDF range.
  • The lifelong guarantee is provided in this stethoscope model, as well.


  • Its interchangeable feature allows diagnosing adults, children, and infants.
  • Use of stainless steel is done in the chest piece.
  • It is much lighter in weight than other stethoscopes of the MDF brand.
  • A life-long guarantee is given.


  • The friction of rubber tubes can lead to disturbing sound during auscultation, but this problem has a solution by merging these tubes into one.

By compiling all the points, it can be stated that this stethoscope model is the most innovative one. It has qualities like high versatility, stainless-steel chest piece, lightweight, and a lifetime guarantee.

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  1. I am so excited that I can finally hear breath sounds with this stethoscope. After struggling with it all through nursing school, I was given this by my Granny as a graduation gift to use on the job. OMG, I love it! It’s heavy, but not too much, I had no problem carrying it.

  2. This stethoscope is sturdily designed and has excellent acoustics. Although it is a little heavier than a Littman Master Cardiology stethoscope, I have not experienced any discomfort in wearing it around my neck. I plan to buy a second one for hospital rounds. A highly recommended instrument.

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